What is Taywell

Taywell is an unusual company, unlike any other ice cream business. Our aim is not to offer the same twelve flavours as everyone else, nor to boast of a recipe invented by our great Auntie Bess, nor to confound you with ‘secret ingredients’ and fancy tubs laced with amazing hieroglyphics that tell you nothing.

We are aiming to thrill the connoisseur, to invent awesome flavours, to boldly go where no ice cream business has gone before. Taywell wants to surprise, to tantalise, to hook you on delectable recipes and make you never eat another non-dairy ice cream again.

The company is in the ‘treats’ market and we want you to taste and enjoy your favourite flavours and go to heaven and back. Being addicted to our ice cream is no sin, just a pleasure, but we also want you understand that we also care about what is in our products and more importantly, what is left out.

Foremost is our desire to keep all artificial additives, colours and stabilisers out but we aim to ensure that almost all our recipes are gluten free. Unlike some competitors, we believe that cookie dough is simply bad for you as is fat-coated honeycomb chunks and therefore we won’t use them. Bubble Gum ice cream has more additives and nasty products in it than any product we know, so that flavour is not for us and adding sugary sauces laden with additives is a definite ‘no-no.’

Sitting here in The Garden of England, Taywell has access to the finest fruit in the country and for those that have a gluten, egg, soya or dairy intolerance, our sorbets contain the finest ingredients found in any tub in the UK & of course are totally dairy free. We are proud to support English fruit farmers by promoting what they have to offer. For those that have never tried a sorbet, you might be pleasantly surprised!