Taywell Testimonials

Just a few of the very many comments we have had from our customers:

The ice-cream was wonderful and the whole theatre of having the freezer and dishing out cones really added to the party experience. So thank you!
Still enjoying leftover Yuzu and Pear & Ginger. Delicious……
Hashi by email

@taywell_online @BigEasyLondon coming here for lunch tomorrow and taywell’s is the best ice cream ever! Must. leave. room. for. pud!
Jen in a tweet

Taywell’s Mango sorbet is unbelievably good #ohmygod #foodporn #taywell
Cassie in a tweet

Umeshu (plum wine) ice cream by @taywell_online from @JapanCentre – ruddy gorgeous
Mimi in a tweet

Wow, just had one of the best black sesame ice creams outside Japan from @taywell_online. いただきます!
Vysia in a tweet

Raspberry Sorbet
“This is amazing”, agreed the panel – such a smooth texture compliments perfectly with the rich, Kentish, raspberry flavour.”
“It has all the creaminess of an ice cream but with the freshness of a sorbet – quite delightful”, they concluded.
Winner of the ‘Quality’ Food Award 2011

Taste Test Winner 2012
Hurrah for the little producer! You won’t find any artificial additives, stabilisers or colours in Taywell’s ice cream, straight from Kent. “Superb – the best I’ve ever tasted” and “devilishly rich” were among many compliments. www.lovefood.com

Winner ‘Best New Product’ Award 2013
This ‘quality’ ice cream exceeded expectations for many of this group. The vast majority of this group appreciating the ‘creamy’ taste and texture, along with the ‘smooth, silky, indulgent’ eat. Despite the premium positioning and price, 30% of the group claimed they would buy at least fortnightly, with a significant rise also indicated amongst definite and probably buyers.
Honeycomb ice cream report by Cambridge Market Research for The Grocer Magazine

‘Praised as being “one of the best ice creams” our panel had ever tested, it had a luxurious, creamy texture.’
Fabulous Food Magazine on our Honeycomb Ice Cream

‘Some might argue that Italy is home to the best ice cream in the world, but if you look a little closer to home, champion ice cream producers are right here on our doorstep. Taywell Ice Creams make ice cream that would make Willy Wonka proud.’ Ben James, George & Dragon, Chipstead

“Our customers love the taste and the fact that Taywell is local” said the Sevenoaks Stag Theatre’s Management Information Co-ordinator Karen Nott, “I can’t praise their service enough, absolutely fantastic”.
“At our busy time in December with the pantomime in full swing, Alastair sent a delivery within an hour of ordering! I would find it hard to go with anywhere else for our ice cream, nothing is too much trouble, Taywell are fantastic”.
The Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks, Kent

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