Japanese Ice Creams

The Japanese range

In another move to add value to the sector and display our talents for innovation, we have made a number of Japanese ice creams and sorbets. Curiously, the Japanese are not known for making such ice creams in Japan but the incredible taste profile of such unusual ingredients is astounding and they all come from simple ingredients available here in the UK. Rather than explain a taste that is already hard to comprehend to British taste buds, here is a round-up of what we have to offer currently:
Black Sesame
A very traditional flavour used in Chinese and Japanese cooking and well known to connoisseurs of ice cream in both countries.
Kinako (Soya & Brown Sugar)
In English, kinako is usually called “roasted soy flour.” Getting a traditional taste out of soy flour demanded a traditional recipe so the kinako is cooked first and a melted, brown sugar paste is rippled into it
Mango Sorbet
Throughout Asia, mango is probably the best known and most widely consumed fruit yet Europeans have not taken to it in quite the same way. Made from the finest and most luxurious Alphonso mango pulp.
Matcha (Green Tea)
Japanese Green Tea has excellent anti-oxidant properties that make it a health product in its own right. Our ice cream uses the finest, directly imported tea, specially produced for making ice cream in Japan.
Plum wine is the most famous flavour of all wines in Japan and this ice cream has been made from a high strength, high quality wine traditionally served in bars.
Yuzu Sorbet
A citrus fruit grown throughout East Asia but cultivated mostly in Japan and used culinary in the same way as lemons are in Europe. An unusual but wonderfully fruity taste that is a fantastic palette-cleanser.
A mix of 50% yuzu sorbet and 50% vanilla ice cream to give a really flavoursome product.

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  1. hello – was wondering if you can provide more details on price of products and do you deliver to businesses in manchester?

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