It’s Christmas 2014 with a delicious twist!

Christmas at Taywell

It may seem a little early to release our Christmas flavour list for 2014 but, like the football season, it all has to start so early these days. For all those chefs looking for inspiration this year, look no further than Taywell and our list of amazing Xmas recipes!

Certain to prove a hit with all the family are the ever-popular Mince Pie ice cream and our traditional gluten free Xmas Pudding flavoured ice cream, made from Taywell’s extra-creamy milk and packed full of the finest and juiciest dried fruit and nuts.

Adults are sure to love Taywell’s twist on the theme of ‘grown-up’ Christmas ice creams with its novel ‘White Chocolate’ Xmas Pudding ice cream, this one being made without any nuts for those with a nut allergy. Made with high quality white chocolate and delicious fruits, this is a novel flavour for us and we are keen to see customers’ reaction to it.

Taywell is also excited to be one of the first UK food companies to create a Black Sticky Rice ice cream, made with coconut milk and flavoured with pandan leaves. It will take you to Thailand and back, after visiting heaven on the way but without the cost of any air fare!

For those looking for an alcoholic slant, Taywell is making a brand new flavour of Peach with Schnapps sorbet, using the famous Archers brand and for those with an ‘After Eight’ chocolate obsession, we have created an ‘After Dinner’ Chocolate Mint ice cream which tastes divine.

Other ice creams from Taywell this Christmas include Date & Walnut, a popular flavour from last year and Mulled Wine sorbet, one which we last made nearly four years ago. Yuzu sorbet is also on the Christmas list after winning two Gold Stars at The Great Taste Awards this year. This fruit sorbet comes from our Japanese range and is the Japanese lemon, much larger than the European lemon in size but with a more distinct and fruity flavour. A perfect ‘in-between’ course and very refreshing.

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