Taywell delivers Eastern promise with new Asian flavoured ice creams and sorbets

Taywell has created a unique new range of Asian flavoured ice cream and sorbets, which will enable restaurants to widen their dessert menus with dishes featuring the traditional flavours of their respective cuisines.

The Asian range will see Taywell start to supply ice cream and sorbets to Japanese, Thai and Chinese restaurants with authentic flavours from Asia, including Vanilla Pandan Ice Cream, Lemongrass & Chilli Ice Cream, Japanese (Matcha) Green Tea Ice Cream, Kaffir Lime Leaf Ice Cream, Thai Tea Sorbet and Mango Sorbet.

Taywell Managing Director, Alastair Jessel, is passionate about ice cream. Presenting his concept for Asian flavoured ice creams and sorbets to ethnic restaurateurs and chefs, he has been staggered by the response.

“We are using the finest ingredients to re-create the authentic tastes and flavours of international cuisines in an ice cream or sorbet. These flavours have not been available commercially in ice cream until now and the restaurants and chefs we are talking to are simply blown-away by the incredible flavours we have created and how they could use them within their own menus. We really are pushing the boundaries and challenging the general perception of ice cream flavours.”

Earlier this year Taywell successfully partnered with Japanese restaurant chain, Feng Sushi, to create an exclusive new range of ice cream and sorbet desserts. “We have now sold such a large quantity of unusual flavours through Feng Sushi that I believe the market for such ethnic flavours is larger than I had originally thought,” Alastair continued. “We are pioneering something completely new and I for one do not know how big this could become.”

The success of the new flavours has meant Feng Sushi is already seeking to expand its range, stocking more products in each location.

Taywell also has plans to extend this concept into other international cuisines and is already talking to both a Mexican and a Spanish restaurant chain, with plans to launch the first of these new flavours in April 2013. These will include Cactus & Piquin Pepper, Mezcal, Margarita and Sherry ice creams, all of which have been made in their kitchen.

Restaurants seeking to offer something different in a very crowded market place need look no further than Taywell’s Asian range.

All Taywell’s ethnic range of ice creams and sorbets are hand-made at its factory in Paddock Wood, Kent.

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